Fitness and Nutrition Information and Motivational Seminars

Hosting a seminar is a great way to get a lot of information to a group of people all at once.  To date, I have given over 50 seminars for various companies and organizations including; Gold’s Gym, KLA-Tencor, IBM, Intersill, Reynolds Electronics, San Jose PD, Extreme Fitness Center, Ernie Reyes TKD, Blendz, and Max Muscle Nutrition Stores to name a few.

There are certain things successful people do that others don’t.  Following the correct principles of diet and exercise are only part of the equation.  Seeing the value in prioritize yourself and believing that you will reach your goals are also key.  In my seminars I will walk through all of the important steps for success that people should take and can immediately put to use.  I will teach people how the body really works and how they can use this information to change themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally to achieve their highest goals.

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