Bodysport Fitness Courses

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Introducing Bodysport University – A specially created series of fitness courses designed to help you take yourself (or your clients) to the next level!

Physique Improvement Course-

This is a multi-lesson course with over 30 videos and 4 seminars worth of information!  It contains the best and most useful fitness advice for a wide variety of people, whether they’re just starting out, or a serious trainer working with their own clients. (Click Here For Detail)

Contest Prep Coaches Course-

This is an extremely detailed, 12 Lesson Course (with over 60 videos plus input from top industry pro competitors!) that will teach you how to get yourself and others ready for the stage.  There is nothing else like this on the market!  It covers every aspect off coaching and contest prep that you will need to start your journey as a physique sports prep coach or competitor. (Click Here For Details)


Metabolic Burnout Course- FREE

This is a FREE course that teaches you about a very important and damaging condition that has really become a problem in the competition and even mainstream fitness industry.  Everyone who plans to step onstage, or simply wants to protect themselves from the potential dangers of incorrectly pursuing fitness goals, should get this course and learn about this 100 percent preventable issue.  (Click Here For Detail)


Coaching For The Stage- FREE

This course is a scaled down, yet still comprehensive version of my original Contest Prep Coaches Course. This course will give you tons of valuable information to really help you become a great prep coach. It will also allow you to assess how advanced your knowledge level is, and whether or not you need any additional information. These are some things that I had to learn the hard way, through trial and error, over a number of years. This information will put you ahead of the game and save you valuable time!  (Click Here For Details)

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