A Poetic Tribute To Native Americans – Happy Indigenous People Day!

Fall Of The Eagle 

I am tired.

I have seen my land which was my father’s,

and my grandfather’s, taken from me.


I have seen my people slain for this land

by those we at first befriended.

I have seen this land scarred.


I have seen the water become unclean and the air become unclear.

I have seen the buffalo, that which gave us life, slaughtered meaninglessly.

They have lied to and betrayed my brothers; Cochise, Sitting Bull, and Thunder Rolling in the Mountains, whom they call Chief Joseph.


We were as the Eagle, proud, bold, and free.

They have broken our wings

and we have fallen from the sky.


But the earth is our mother, our eternal home.

She renews our strength and heals our sorrows.


The voices of our ancestors guide us,

“Rise again, let your spirits soar!”


As our wings grow strong,

we stay fallen no more!


By Kevin Myles



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