Thank Yourself!

Over the years, I have had clients thank me for helping them.  I’m sure this happens for most trainers and coaches, and it’s always nice to hear.  People can feel a lot of gratitude towards Read More

A New Free Course For Competitors And Coaches!

We’re very pleased to launch a new FREE Bodysport University fitness information course!  Peak Week Success – Avoiding Critical Mistakes was created to help physique show competitors and coaches sort through some of the confusion Read More

How Young Are You?

I remember when I found out that one of my friends was “old”!  Our close-nit group in our college gym were all 21-22 years old.  So when we found out that Mike was actually a Read More

The Right Steps To Getting Better!

The better you treat your body, the better body you will have.  What do I mean by “better” body?  In every measurable way, all aspects of your body; its structure, systems, and functions, will be Read More

How Should You Spend Your Off Day?

Your off days from training are critical to your fitness success.  How you spend them can effect your recovery, performance, and progress.  Some people look forward to their off days.  Others view them as a Read More

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