Becoming New

You will not always want to go.  You will be tired sometimes, busy sometimes, sore, unmotivated, stressed, hungry, bored.  

It doesn’t matter.  If it’s your day to go, then you go.

Training requires discipline.  

No one will be there to make sure you do the right things.  

No one will knock on your door and remind you that you need to show up that day.  

No one will call you if you don’t make it in.

You will have to do this for yourself.

And then you’ll have to do it again.

Then again.

Then again.

Long after the glamour wears off, all of those “agains” will start to add up.  And if you’ve put an equal amount of discipline into eating the way you should, the changes you will have experienced will have set you apart from your former self.

Your new self will simply have to continue traveling down a path that you know you can stay on.

Your new self will embrace any challenges that threaten to take you off of that path.

Your new self will win!

Photo: Terry Goodlad

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