Avoiding The Transformation Trap!

Fitness transformation programs and competitions can be a nice spark to new fitness results.  However, if you go about achieving those results in the wrong way, the body you wind up weeks after you’ve taken Read More

Long Live Competitive Fitness!

Competitive Fitness is a sport that can absolutely take your breath away!  It is arguably the highest level of competition in the family of physique display sports which includes bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique.  It Read More

How Weightlifting Can Help Reduce Depression

Depression is very real, and it is more common than many people might think. Data from the World Health Organization shows that 300 million people worldwide—roughly 5 percent of the world’s population—suffer from depression, with Read More

The Two Doors Of Fitness

There are two doors that can lead to living a fitness lifestyle.  The front door and the back door.  From a distance, the front door is the glamorous door.  You can almost hear the music Read More

Is The Scale Really Your Friend?

There are a lot of people who absolutely hate getting on the scale.  After putting in a week or more of exercise and dieting, it can really be frustrating if the number you see hasn’t Read More

Thank Yourself!

Over the years, I have had clients thank me for helping them.  I’m sure this happens for most trainers and coaches, and it’s always nice to hear.  People can feel a lot of gratitude towards Read More

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