Meet Sophia Drysdale

One glance at Sophia Drysdale tells you she is an athlete. The second glance, and a second glance is inevitable, tells you that she is a beautiful woman with an enigmatic smile, both bright and Read More

This Is Elena Juan – By Terry Goodlad

A Big Beautiful World Models can be a predictable bunch. They will either show up bubbling with enthusiasm, professional and ready to do whatever is needed, or frozen with insecurities lightly battered with indifference and Read More

Coach Mega Marty MacPhee

I was extremely impressed the very first time I met Red Deer, Alberta’s Mega Marty MacPhee!  Here was a guy who’s level of knowledge was obvious and whose enthusiasm was off the scale.  Working with Read More

Coach April Van Hoose

One of the premier and founding Bodysport Coaches is April Van Hoose.  As well as being a seasoned competitor and experienced trainer, April is a loving mother and wife and along with husband Josh has Read More

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