How Should You Spend Your Off Day?

Your off days from training are critical to your fitness success.  How you spend them can effect your recovery, performance, and progress.  Some people look forward to their off days.  Others view them as a Read More

Partial Reps – Good Or Bad?

There are a lot of different approaches to training.  Some are very universal and can be effective for a great many people.  Others should either be largely avoided or will only apply to a select Read More

What Is The Heavy Duty Training System?

“How many of you train like Arnold?”  Over 40 hands shot proudly into the air.  The speaker smiled as he surveyed that nearly everyone at the seminar had their hands raised.  “Well, since everyone is Read More

Are You Overtraining?

If you are dedicated to achieving the best possible results, you might be pushing your body harder than it is able to handle.  If so, you could easily be overtraining!  No matter who you are, Read More

What Is Peak Contraction Training?

You might not have heard the term “peak contraction movements” but I’ll bet you’re already using them.  Peak contraction training involves incorporating exercises in which the muscles are fully contracted under maximum load at the Read More

How To Use Split Training

As you progress on your fitness journey a very common and effective training method you may wish to employ is split training.  Initially, most training should start off as whole body workouts.  In fact, some Read More

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