Coach April Van Hoose

One of the premier and founding Bodysport Coaches is April Van Hoose.  As well as being a seasoned competitor and experienced trainer, April is a loving mother and wife and along with husband Josh has taken a strong fitness leadership role in her home state. April is one of the very few coaches who have conducted in-person Bodysport University Classes.  She is extremely dedicated and multi talented:


April Van Hoose-NPC Figure/Fitness and Tri-Fit competitor, Powerlifter, Fitness model, CPT, CPS, SFN

Inspired by her own fitness transformation, April opened a personal training business, Fit Physique.  Ten years ago, as a way to further inspire her clients, she also began competing in Figure and Fitness competitions.  After that she added a more challenging goal of competing in the Tri-Fitness Challenge, which includes rounds of physique, fitness routine, fitness skills, and obstacle course. Currently she has been competing as a Powerlifter in the 165lb and 148lb class.

April is a wife and mother of three girls.  As a mom, fitness competitor, powerlifter, fitness model, personal trainer, and nutrition coach, balancing it all is not easy.  She wants to continue to not only inspire her family and friends to live the healthy lifestyle, but to help her clients by showing them that a busy mother can be fit and healthy!

April obtained certifications as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, an IPPA Certified Physique Specialist, an ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, and also is a Bodysport Contest Prep Coach.  She plans to further her education by continuing to attend the latest seminars and stay up to date with all current research on exercise and nutrition.

Motivating others and helping them to reach their goals is April’s real passion.  She hopes to continue to inspire people to help them to create their own Fit Physique.  April and her husband Josh plan on opening a bigger training facility in the next year……so be on the lookout for that in the very near future!  You can contact April through email or visit her website or find her on facebook or Instagram


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