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I was extremely impressed the very first time I met Red Deer, Alberta’s Mega Marty MacPhee!  Here was a guy who’s level of knowledge was obvious and whose enthusiasm was off the scale.  Working with him on the Contest Prep Coaches Course was an absolute pleasure.  His level of personal fitness is so high that I, like many I’m sure, assumed that he had always been in top notch shape.  Only later did I find out that he had taken himself through his own personal transformation success.  That just made me even more impressed!

His interesting views on “no-nonsense” workouts and teaching you every aspect of why you’re doing what you’re doing has caught on like wildfire. The great thing is: even if you’re not interested in contest prep, Mega Marty will train you JUST as effectively as if you were entering a contest!

There will be a workout suited for you, and Mega Marty will help you with the right program.
Mega Marty is a one of a kind contest prep coach, with his own direct methods to advance you as quickly as possible.

The nutritional aspect, The Mega Lifestyle, is unique in the sense of EVERY question is answered, leaving you empowered with the information you NEED, not useless knowledge you won’t need. He cuts things down to the core, explaining in as great or as little detail as you wish so you’re happy knowing WHY you’re doing what you’re doing.

His knowledge continues to expand every day in every aspect of fitness, and has become a forerunner in the industry, continuously furthering himself in new methods and busting myths that run rampant in the fitness industry.

The incredible amount of attention to detail when it comes to health, digestion, along with physique alteration, makes him one of a kind.

-Contest Prep Coaching for Men’s Physique and Bikini
-Online Training Available
-Bikini and Men’s Physique Posing
-Advanced Programming

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Mr. Contest Prep
Bikini/Men’s Physique Master Builder

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