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Complete Training, Diet and Informational Support for the Stage- $500 (limited spots available!)

Competing in physique sports is not for everyone. Getting up onstage requires a certain level of commitment and a great desire to improve. But it also does not need to be the extreme and often unhealthy endeavor that many people turn it into. As much as you are pitted against others, it’s really about competing against yourself. It’s a journey to discover who you are and what you’re truly capable of. When done correctly it should be a rewarding experience filled with personal growth and improved self confidence. Simply achieving a certain look has little value if the process damages you in the long term.

Physique display competitions (figure, fitness, bikini, men and women’s physique and bodybuilding) involve developing the right amount of size, shape, symmetry, proportion and level of leanness for the division that you’re in. Learn how to not only look your best but to be your best. If you desire to take your fitness pursuits to the next level then you owe it to yourself to do it the right way.

We’d start with a physique assessment and then your entire nutrition and training program would be personalized.  You’d receive unlimited adjustments as needed up through your show.  We’d do weekly updates and you’d have full access and support to any help and information that you’d need.

Physique Assessment- To evaluate you physique with respect to judging criteria and the ideal look for each division

Program Design- Develop a training and nutrition program to based on your individual strengths, weakness , overall structure and current diet habits.

Effective Program Implementation-  Your initial program and consult plus all the adjustments to your diet, training and cardio regime to progress you at the best pace for your body.

Show Selection- What show is best for you? Which division is most ideal for you body both now and in the future?  What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different organizations?

Peaking Practices- What to do (and not to do) the final week to insure you look the best you’re capable of and the difference between how the body really works versus voodoo magic or hit and miss practices. No dehydration or unnecessary electrolyte manipulation. No drugs or diuretics!

Aesthetics- Addressing the issue of looking and doing your best via stage presence, suit selection, posing, judging trends, skin coloring, etc.

Post Show Follow Up- An evaluation of how you did, how your body responded, and where you can improve to keep progressing.  Plus you are given guidance and information on how to transition out of prep mode smoothly and safely.

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