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Model-Saul Cervantes
Model-Saul Cervantes

Learn To Be A Contest Prep Coach!- $550 (one to one course-limited space!)  

New All Multi-Media Version Just $249! (click here to learn more)

Do you have the desire to help others get into the best shape of their lives? Although competing in physique display competitions like figure, fitness, bikini, physique or bodybuilding is not for everyone, many people find that it allows them to bring out of their best by focusing their time and effort towards a specific goal. The numbers of competitors has tripled over the last several years and there is a need for competent and effective guidance to assist them safely on their journey. We at Team Bodysport have developed a comprehensive coaching program geared toward preparing motivated individuals to become contest prep coaches!

The Bodysport Contest Preparation Coaches Program is a 6 lesson course consisting of weekly personal consultations, accompanying course materials and continued support designed to teach and assist you as to how to coach athletes for shows and become a contest prep coach yourself. (FYI-if you’re not interested in coaching others this information can also be applied to leaning to prep yourself for the stage.) This is not a course for someone who wants to teach a cookie cutter approach to competing based on excessive cardio and starvation dieting. This is a course for someone who wants to learn to give the best possible information, attention and individual guidance to hard working athletes to help them bring about their best look.

Each lesson will cover a different aspect of contest preparation such as;

Judging and Contest Criteria- What are the judges looking for in the various divisions?

Physique Analysis- How to discern the strengths, weakness and areas to improve on your client for them achieve success.

Program Design- Learn to properly evaluate your client’s current training and nutrition practices in relation to their competitive goals and design their initial nutrition and training program based on their physique needs.

Effective Program Implementation- Learn to properly monitor your client’s progress during the prep period and effectively adjust their diet and training to keep them progressing at the right rate and in the right direction. This is where you will learn and then use advanced levels of training and nutritional information to adapt to the varying needs of different clients, from lagging body parts to losing too fast or too slowly.

Peaking Practices- What to do the final week to insure they peak properly and the difference between how the body really works versus voodoo magic or hit and miss practices. No dehydration or unnecessary electrolyte manipulation. No drugs or diuretics!

Aesthetics- Addressing the issue of looking and doing your best via stage presence, suit selection, posing, judging trends, skin coloring, etc.

Post Show Follow Up- How to design, implement and transition your athletes into a post show program for weight management and future improvement. How you set them up once their show is over can make all the difference in them getting to the next level.

Becoming a Coach- Addressing the mental and emotional challenges involved with coaching others for competition for both you and them. What your role needs to be as a coach from proper communication, to helping your athletes deal with any stress and/or pressures they might experience. Plus, how to maintain your balance and perspective so as to always advise your clients as to what’s best for them, not what’s best for you!

In this course, everything to do with contest preparation will be covered and any and all questions you have will be discussed. Along with the set curriculum you will get 6-months of continued support in which you can ask questions and get advice from your course instructor as you work with your own clients. It’s a way of double checking your work and making sure both you and your clients have as much support as needed in order for everyone to excel. Having coached competitors for over 20 years, from complete beginners to National champions and Professionals, there are always unique situations that arise so the ongoing support is a very nice service to have when needed.

For a limited time, the total cost for the Bodysport Contest Prep Coaches Program is an introductory price of $500. Since this is a one-to-one program, there is a limited number of people that can be worked with at one time so act now to reserve your spot!

No one can teach you everything there is to know about any subject. There will always be an experience factor and some things simply have to be learned. But this is by far the most comprehensive program of its kind. It consists of safe, effective and proven information that has been put into practices by a number of very knowledgeable and highly successful athletes and coaches. With an ever increasing number of new competitors, many experiencing metabolic issues or being guided towards chemical involvement, there is a need for good, competent and effective new coaches to make this journey the positive experience it should be for all. Every major sports coach first learned his or her craft by working under more experienced coaches in their field. If you are really serious about a career in physique sports as a coach, this program is exactly what you need!

For more info or to get started:  CLICK HERE!  Or email:
Kevin Myles

Bodysport Director

(To be deemed qualified for this course you would need to be a certified personal trainer and/or an experienced competitor yourself with a minimum of 2 prior competitions.)

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    So let me rephrase that: Thank you for lunch!

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