Cubs Win! – “Holy Cow!” (A Video Tribute)

Whether you’re a baseball fan, a true Cubs fan, or just a fan of life, it’s impossible not to appreciate the greatness of a moment that was a long time in coming.  The Chicago Cubs finally winning the World Series after 108 years via an incredible series comeback was special.  Their long-suffering loyal fans were rewarded with a euphoric feeling of that dream you’d wanted and waited for finally coming true.

There was little chance to capture, and few people left to remember their last championship in 1908.  But the sights, scenes, and sounds of this young, incredibly talented, and magical team finally winning it all for their faithful fans goes beyond sports into hope, happiness, and life itself.  It’s a reminder to never get up, keep wishing for the best, and some day you’re most impossible dreams will come true.

“Holy Cow!” as Harry would say!


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