Don’t Fall Back From Fitness!

As we move past summer into fall, the sun sets earlier and the days are seemingly shorter.  For many people, their enthusiasm for fitness also starts to wane.  The motivation of being able to show off your hard work lessens as sweaters, sweatshirts, and jeans take the place of tank tops, sports bras and shorts.  It can get easy for you to fall off of your fitness program.  Don’t fall off!  This is a battle that you can, and must, win!

In terms of fitness, this may be the biggest test you’ll have all year.  You have to rededicate yourself to reaching your goals by making sure to stay on track.  Expect there to be more random dietary temptations like pumpkin spiced this, and fresh baked that, which will appear almost magically in front of you.  Understand that it may be tougher to motivate yourself to leave a warm, comfortable environment to go out into the dark, wet, or cold to get in your run in or get to the gym.  This is the time where you must get back in touch with the reason you are doing this and where you want to go with your fitness.  This is the time you must do this for yourself!

For me, shifting into fall and winter kicks off some of the best training I have all year.  It can be the same for you. Take a few minutes and write down your goals.  Start a new workout program.  Review your diet and see if it needs any adjusting.  Connect with a like-minded friend and set up some workouts with them to stay motivated. Check out the videos, books, magazines, or social media pages of anyone or anything that can fuel your drive to help keep you motivated.  Record your stats; weight, measurements, pictures, etc., and redo them every 2-3 weeks as a reference to motivate yourself to keep pushing.  This is a chance to roll up your sleeves and get to work on you, for you!

Change, even of the season or environment, can always present a challenge.  But it also presents an opportunity. It’s a chance to recommit to yourself that this is something you should do and that you want to do. You don’t have to fall back from your pursuit of your fitness goals.  All it takes is for you to remind yourself to keep pushing forward, and to allow yourself to use whatever tools you need to make fitness happen.

Photo: C. Redd

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