Dr. Stacey Naito – More Than Meets The Eye!

It can be difficult really getting to know someone.  Often, we try to narrow things down to a few simple facts and use that to categorize or define people we don’t have an opportunity to know better.  As you can imagine, this can easily be less than accurate. It can also become us seeing them as we wish them to be.  Stacey Naito might just be the women that most men would wish for her to be, and most women would aspire to be like.

If you’re looking for exotic, she is part Japanese and part Hungarian and has a look capable of taking your breath away.  She is an IFBB Professional Bikini Competitor who walks the stage with confidence and style.  She was born in Hollywood, California of all places and grew up in Los Angeles.

If you admire fit then Stacey has that in spades!  She works out 4-6 days a week and is completely devoted to good nutrition practices.  She’s has attained a physique at 49 years young that allows her to be compared favorably to the 20-something year old competitors she faces onstage!  Stacey discovered fitness after going through some really difficult times in her life including overcoming anorexia.   “I can honestly say that embracing fitness and proper nutrition saved my life and kept me on track for optimal health,” she says.

If you’re looking for intelligence, Stacey is a Doctor.  “I am a board-certified family practice physician, but I focus my practice on physical medicine and rehab, anti-aging, and aesthetic dermatology.  I enjoy treating patients who are interested in preventative health, and who are motivated to make positive changes in their health and prevent disease.”

If you’re looking for humble, Stacey’s road to success was long and filled with obstacles.  Who she is now is a testament to hard work and overcoming the odds.  As much as she appreciates her current success, Stacey vividly remembers where she came from. “I love being Eurasian now, but as a child I was tortured by other kids in my class,” says Stacey.  “I looked different from them, and was even teased by the full-blooded Japanese girl who was in my sixth grade class!”

“My value system was different from my classmates, who all came from wealthy families, whereas my mother was considered lower-middle class.  I always worked hard and never took anything for granted.  Now that I am an adult, I realize how fortunate I was to have been raised the way I was.”

Being so accomplished and looking as she does is a combination that might overwhelm many.  So if you’re looking for “down to earth” Stacey might not seem to be the obvious choice.  That’s where you would be pleasantly surprised.

“I think the most important things I would want people to know about me are that I am approachable and kind,” says Stacey.  I know that I can come across as somewhat reserved when I am wearing my doctor hat, and I definitely also adopt the “headphones on, world off” attitude whenever I train, but I honestly am friendly, goofy, silly, and sweet when I let my guard down.”

“I always marvel at people who will change their tone when they discover that I am a physician.  They will suddenly freak out and stumble over their words, as if I have some power over them, when in reality, I am just the same old Stacey they were speaking to before they discovered what I did for a living.”

Like most people Stacey Naito is a combination of many things. In Stacey’s case, those “many things” also happen to be the best of things.


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