If I Were God

If I Were God
By Kevin Myles

If I were God just for a day
Where would I go, what would I say
Had I the ear of this whole world
From oldest man to youngest girl?

I’d look upon my once blue skies
With broken heart and tear filled eyes
And wonder how I’d done so wrong
That hate and fear could be so strong.

And as I walked from town to town
To see each face and hear each sound
The clothes, the language, the given name
Would matter not, the soul’s the same.

But how can some live life so free
Yet with both eyes can still not see
Nor can they hear that awful sound
Of pain and suffering all around?

Are they so lost these child’s of mine
That hope and grace they cannot find?
Do they not know the gifts they live
Were placed in them but for to give?

If I were Him would I be sad
To see the ones so treated bad
For being somehow unlike you
Why can’t you see I made them too?

It truly hurts you’d think that I,
Who made the sea, who made the sky,
Who made the ground on which you stand,
Could make ONE unimportant man.

And when did I first say to you
I need your help, here’s what to do,
Go forth and tell all those who sin
How mad I am, begin again?

And judge them as you say I would
And separate them bad from good
As if your mind could know my heart
As if your soul could be this smart?

How could you speak my words as such
To twist a love that means so much
That some would hate or fear my name
And feel no hope or live in pain?

Or take an innocent life away
And justify this act and say
You did so in a righteous light
As if your hatred could be right?

That you could gaze your brother’s face
Yet love him not because of race
And voiced in anger then proclaim
You do such things all in my name?

Not of my will would I could create
One single heart so filled with hate
That it would task to turn all cold
What should be warm, what should be gold.

I’d never stand so far away
That I can’t hear what your thoughts say
That I don’t know and feel your pain
That I won’t help you heal again.

Would you not know me just by sight?
Can you not tell I am each night
And I’m each day that starts anew
And I’m in every one of you?

In every blade of grass you see
In every bird, in every tree
In every step upon the ground
In every breath, in every sound.

In every sigh, in every fear
In every hope, in every tear
In every thought, in every care
In every face, in every prayer.

I am the air, I am the ground
I am the rain, I am the sound.
I am the leaf upon the tree
I am the bird, I am the bee.

I’m in the face that you walk by
I am the blue, I am the sky.
I am one who was lost, then found.
I am the smallest, softest sound.

How hard I wonder would it be
To get a world so blind to see
If I could just but for a day
Become The One, Become the Way?

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