Introducing Bodysport Fitness Lifestyle And Fitness Business Coaching!

I’m excited to be able to expand my coaching business and offer two new services!  For a number of years I have done online training, contest prep coaching, personal fitness coaching, and recently I created Bodysport University, a still growing series of fitness information and education courses.  I am now also offering personal Fitness Lifestyle Coaching and Fitness Business Coaching! (click here for my Bio!)

Fitness Lifestyle Coaching focuses on analyzing, advising, and providing information and support as you make a positive transformation involving training, nutrition, motivation, and life adjustments to finally help you develop and maintain a successful fitness lifestyle.  You will receive weekly one-on-one consultations with ongoing daily support including all training and nutrition programs and updates, with continued motivational information and advice.  After an initial analysis, we will team up to implement the necessary changes and adjustments needed to make the pursuit of your fitness goals the priority it needs to be for you to finally achieve the success you desire. In addition to the daily steps you need to take, I will focus on teaching you how to identify and eliminate the negative voices and actions that have held you back.  You know you can do this, you just need the right help.  You need the right information along with a strong enough belief and support system to create the results you’ve always wanted.

Since this is a personal interaction based on communication and trust, you need to be sure that anyone you hire as a lifestyle coach is the right person for you.  Towards that end, I am offering a FREE Consultation where we can talk about your goals and we can determine how and if you and I working together will be as productive and “magical” as it needs to be if it is to be the best thing for you!  You get to decide if this is something that you want to do, and we get to determine if our partnership is exactly what you need before you commit.

If this sounds like something you’d like to explore, contact me and we’ll set up your free consultation and analysis!  I am only taking on a very limited number of clients to be able to make a maximum commitment to anyone I work with, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like this to be you!



Fitness Business Coaching is geared towards fitness professions such as personal trainers, group exercise instructors, coaches, and others who are looking to find a way to maximize their fitness passion into business income.  As you know, the fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry, yet some of its hardest workers can easily be left on the outside looking in.  I’ve been there.  I spent years caught in the trap of trading time for money.  I spent years making money for companies I worked for disproportionate to what I was being paid in return.  Finally, I was able to walk away from all that and become completely independent.  But it wasn’t easy and there was definitely a learning curve involved.  What I now see are incredibly talented and capable people with the potential to greatly increase their income by implementing some proven and effective strategies that will monetize their talents and help them escape the “time for money” trap.  This lead me to create my new course, “Making Money With Fitness – How To Be a Fitness Entrepreneur!”  But I knew there was still a growing need and I wanted to be able to offer hands-on assistance to those who really wanted more personal support.   That’s what Fitness Business Coaching will allow me to do!

As your Fitness Business Coach I will evaluate where you are and what you have done, assessing your skill-set, experience level, and available opportunities, working with you to plan and develop strategies and implement a targeted business model to move you to a new level based on what would best suit you.  We will meet weekly one-to-one and you will receive ongoing support including regular “action steps” and specific advice to direct you towards success.  We will work in partnership to make the most of your fitness knowledge, passion, and business opportunities to really allow you to have the type of fitness practice you’ve dreamed about since you first started.

As this involves a lot of teamwork with maximum communication and trust, you and I must be able to work extremely well together with full confidence and passion.  Towards that end, I am offering a FREE Consultation where I will do your initial fitness business assessment and analysis and inform you on how best I feel you should move forward and what you should focus on.  This will help you determine if working with me is something that you want to do, and if I am the person you feel can help you reach your goals.  You and I get to decide if we make the right team to help you become more successful!

I am accepting only a very limited number of clients to be able to give maximum attention to everyone I work with.  So if this is something that interest you and you’d like to know if us working together is in your best interest, contact me ASAP to set up your free consultation!


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Making Money With Fitness – How To Be A Fitness Entrepreneur!

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