Introducing A Free Course On Contest Prep Coaching!

I’m very happy to announce that I have launched a FREE 6 Lesson accelerated learning course on how to be a contest prep coach called: Coaching For The Stage!

This is my 4th course and 2nd free course (Metabolic Burnout Course) through the YesCourse platform which is great for multi-media learning.

This new course is a condensed version of my already published Contest Prep Coaches Course.  This is a full complete course however, loaded with plenty of valuable information, including 15 video lectures.  It will help set you on the path to becoming a confident, knowledgeable, and successful coach for physique display athletes.

I will be producing more courses in the near future on various fitness topic.  Stay tuned and please check this out (or share it) if you have any interest in what it takes to coach athletes for the stage.

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Coaching For The Stage

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