Introducing: The Diet That Works! – 2nd Edition

When I first wrote my book The Diet That Works! I tried to answer every fitness question that I’d been asked over a 30 year period.  I really wanted to create something that would give a lot of practical, in-the-trenches help to people on the path of better fitness.  I was quite happy with how it turned out and very pleased with the feedback I received.  As time went on, there were always things that I felt could be added to it, some new and some simply explained in a different way.

I knew I needed to bring out an updated version at some point, and I am extremely pleased to announce the 2nd edition of The Diet That Works!  I chose to bring it out on the incredible Yescourse multi-media platform which allows me to included video lectures, and allows the readers to ask questions and even interact with each other within the course if they so choose.  This is a new direction for creating content as it’s a way to reach unlimited people worldwide!  There’s no waiting for delivery with instant lifetime access that’s completely mobile. While I will still have a print version available (available here from Amazon), being able to give more people an opportunity to have access to material that can inform and inspire them is very satisfying.

Please check out the info on The Diet That Works! 2nd Edition (at a special introductory price) if you think it might interest you.

You can also check out all my fitness info courses (including 3 FREE courses) on Bodysport University

Thank you!  I have more courses in the works that I can’t wait to bring you!

Photo: Josh Van Hoose     Model: April McCoy Van Hoose

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The Diet That Works! 2nd Edition 

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