Kevin’s FITLife Journal- Back To Cali!

This week I traveled back to California to give a seminar at Gold’s Gym in San Jose.  The drive takes away a normal rest day and tends to leave me a bit wiped out.  Physically it doesn’t seem like it would have that much effect, but something about sitting in a car for 9 hours and having to be attentive to the road, not to mention being out of a normal eating and drinking rhythm, taps into my energy and recovery.

Time has taught me that training will have way fewer “perfect days” than I’d like.  For the most part you will often be tired, or feel rushed, distracted, or in some way less than ideal. That’s the “life” part of a fitness lifestyle trying to get in the way.  You can’t let it deter you and must understand that it’s part of the story.  Making progress isn’t about having everything go perfectly right and to plan.  It’s about accepting the obstacles both large and small as simply part of the journey.

By chance I wound up training in three different gyms throughout the week.  They all have their own distinct personalities.  One is massive with everything new and state of the art as far as the equipment goes.  But truthfully is seems to lack in personality.  It’s an easy place to feel invisible.  A second one is smaller and more basic.  The equipment is older but there is more of a feeling of silent acceptance from the other members and the basic equipment has led to the development of some of the strongest cats I’ve seen per the amount of members. It’s almost as if the lack of glamour has weeded out the less than motivated, leaving a higher percentage of hardcore devotees.

The third is an iconic gym brand that has existed for 50 years.  Unlike some smaller and less well kept Gold’s Gyms, this one is spacious and extremely well equipped.  It has a good mix of old warriors and cocky newcomers, hardcore physique devotees and general fitness enthusiast.  While there, I felt both right at home and like a complete stranger.

I mention all this because it helps me see things from a perspective that I could easily loose over time.  It keeps fresh in my mind all the moving parts of fighting through the ups, downs, stops and starts that many people deal with when they embark on their fitness journey.  This helps me to relate better with what someone else might be experiencing when I give a seminar, write an article, or coach someone.  The more I stay in touch, the better job I can hopefully do.

All-in-all it was a pretty standard week for me beyond the travel.  No significant strength gains or injuries.  I missed one post-lifting cardio session due to time.  And I’m finding that I’m struggling with doing as much cardio as I intend just because I’m a bit burned out on doing it.  I know I will need to pick it up at some point and as the weather gets better, I will have more cardio options and expect the variety will help with the compliance.  That being said, I did confirm on the scale I previously used that I’m down 5 pounds from when I left Cali three weeks ago.  So I know I’m heading in the right direction.  Just as I know that there is another level out there waiting for me to reach it.


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