Mama’s Boys! – By Terry Goodlad

Left to right: D’Quan Morgan, Saphya Douglin, Denis Douglin
Photo by Terry Goodlad
Shot at City Athletic Boxing Club

The best stories are more often than not, the one’s that are not looking to be told. I was in the gym training legs a week ago and two young men asked how many sets I had left. I told them I was just getting started so they were going to walk away but I invited them to do squats with me. They didn’t want to impose but I insisted, “it’s no trouble at all” I said. They agreed, each offered me a hand to shake, and told me their names. Well raised young men, I thought. I was right.

D’Quan and Denis banged out a spirited squat workout with me and in between sets I asked questions. They are both professional boxers, both have very strong records. Both have moved to Las Vegas, the world epicenter of the fight game, to make it big. Then they told me about Denis’s mom. She is a former boxer and trains both fighters. I smiled politely. Then they pulled out an iPhone and showed me a video of Denis doing mitts with “mom”. I learned a lesson about assuming that day, the girl knows boxing and is tough as nails herself. Most of all she loves Denis, her son, and D’Quon, Denis’s God-brother.

Their story is more than interesting, it’s inspiring, as is spending time with them. I asked if I could do a story on them for FITLife.

Sunday afternoon, after Church, we met at City Athletic Boxing Club. They don’t train on Sunday but made an exception so we could use an empty gym. I will be putting this story together for the first issue of FITLife Magazine that will be coming out soon. Part of the story will be told with Video simply because you have to see these guys go to work to believe it. Words don’t do it justice.

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