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Get an analysis of your current eating habits and the information you need to implement the changes necessary for you to look your best. Whether you’re getting ready for athletic competition, interested in weight management, or simply trying to be healthier, having the proper diet is essential. Get the help you need from a Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and the author of The Diet That Works to take your diet from where it is to where it should be.

For years people have been confused by the bits and pieces of nutritional information they have come across. Most of it is based on beliefs more than facts. There is an ideal way to feed the body in order to get it to respond the way you want it to. Don’t follow principles that will work for some and not others. I will teach you the best possible eating system for health, energy, weight management and fitness success. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been exercising for years, there is a best approach to your daily nutritional practices and this is it! Fitness nutrition isn’t about quick results, it’s about best results!


You’ll Get:

An analysis of your current diet, written critique with recommended adjustments, a new sample diet based on foods you regularly consume, a macronutrient category based food list for substitutions, a phone consultation to explain and answer any question you may have, plus a follow up opportunity to ask any additional questions in order to fine tune your new eating lifestyle.  You’ll also get a free e-copy of my book, The Diet That Works!

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Note: This nutrition information is not offered as medical advice or intended to diagnose any injury or illness. For medical based conditions please consult a Registered Dietician.


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