Physique Improvement Course


Comprehensive Multi Lesson Course That Covers All Aspects Of Fitness- $49

Over 30 Video Lessons Plus Text-4 Seminars Worth Of Info!

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This is a complete fitness information lecture and learn series to help you get the most out of training and nutrition for yourself or your clients.  Take the confusion out of exercise and diet and learn the best principles and techniques for success and how to apply them.

Topics covered include;

Proper Goal Setting 

Nutrition Basics

Exercise Types


Avoiding Common Mistakes


Advanced Nutrition and Training

Overcoming Plateaus

Keys to Long Term Success.  

How to Choose a Trainer

Proper Gym Etiquette 


Each course lesson consist of written and video content designed to answer all of your fitness questions!  Originally taught as an 8 week course in a classroom setting, now available online!

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  1. Hi Kevin, my name is Rudy Robles. I met you last year when I lived in San Jose. I use to train at Gold’s in Campbell. I also attended one of your nutrition seminars at Gold’s as well. I live in Los Angeles now and was interested in the Physique Improvement Course. Is it a course that we can log into anytime we want? Or how exactly does it work?

    • Great to hear from you Rudy! As I mentioned in my email reply, it’s an online course hosted by Yescourse and you would get immediate, lifetime access to all the information it contains upon joining. Plus, you can ask questions within the course itself that will be answered by me.

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