Thank Yourself!

Over the years, I have had clients thank me for helping them.  I’m sure this happens for most trainers and coaches, and it’s always nice to hear.  People can feel a lot of gratitude towards Read More

How Young Are You?

I remember when I found out that one of my friends was “old”!  Our close-knit group in our college gym were all 21-22 years old.  So when we found out that Mike was actually a Read More

Smiling Through The Hate!

Not everyone is going to be on your side.  Not everyone is going to appreciate the time and effort you put in to getting better.  Not everyone will see the distance you’ve traveled to get Read More

Back On the Horse

It can happen to anyone.  Everything is going along just fine, then out of the blue you’re 12 mini-snickers bars, a half dozen cookies, or half a pizza past where you want to be.  That Read More

Paying The Price Of Fitness

There is a price you must pay if you want to be fit.  I don’t mean the cost of gym fees, fitness clothing, or nutritional supplements.  I mean a personal price in terms of time, Read More

Healthy And Happy: A Gift And A Choice!

I’ve always been a big believer in self-improvement and if you’re involved in fitness then you probably feel the same way.  Fitness is an opportunity to recreate ourselves and pursue our best.  Often we find Read More

Becoming New

You will not always want to go.  You will be tired sometimes, busy sometimes, sore, unmotivated, stressed, hungry, bored.   It doesn’t matter.  If it’s your day to go, then you go. Training requires discipline. Read More

The Most Important Thing!

I’ve had the pleasure of giving over 50 fitness seminars.  Some were at places like Gold’s Gym, some were at nutrition stores like Max Muscle, and others were at major companies like IBM.  When I Read More

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