Thank Yourself!

Over the years, I have had clients thank me for helping them.  I’m sure this happens for most trainers and coaches, and it’s always nice to hear.  People can feel a lot of gratitude towards you for helping them reach their goals.  As thoughtful and meaningful as this is, as a trainer or coach, the main thing that should drive you is your desire to help others make a positive difference in their lives.  We should want to help them, want them to succeed, want them to be happy, healthy, and proud.  We are merely working with them to bring out something that was already there, that they always had the capability of uncovering.  So as grateful as I am for their appreciation, I always tell them that they should also thank themselves.

This isn’t false modesty.  When you find fitness success, you’re the one who’s put in the work and made the commitment.  You’re the one who followed through and showed up each time when a lot of people would not have.  Yes, I may have provided the information and some degree of motivation.  But as I’ve often mentioned to clients, I have given the same amount of information and encouragement to many people who were not able to follow through.  It’s up to the individual to actually put in the time, effort, and trust to make it happen.

This is no small thing!  I know what it’s like to show up at the gym when you’re supposed to.  What it’s like to eat the way you should instead of the way you want to.  What it’s like to make the necessary sacrifices just for the chance of reaching your goals.  So I know what it took for them to succeed!  I know what it takes for you to succeed.  You need to take some time to recognize and appreciate yourself for what you have done.  You need to take some time to be thankful.  Yes, thankful for the opportunity, and thankful for anyone who has helped or inspired you, but also thankful to yourself for believing in you and prioritizing your health and fitness.

So be thankful for all the good things you continue to do for yourself.  And make a vow that you will always try to treat yourself as best as you can.  Thank yourself for how far you’ve come on your fitness journey, you deserve it!

Photo: Terry Goodlad   Model: Caithleen Heffernan w/Kevin Myles

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