The Evolution Sports Expo Hits Northern California!

If you’ve ever attended a Sports and Fitness Expo you know why they have exploded into some of the most popular and highly attended events in the fitness industry.  There is a certain celebratory feel in the air as you walk through and check out all the booths, events, vendors, athletes, and spectators.  It’s a celebration of positive energy and attitudes which are thankfully welcome side effects of practicing a fitness lifestyle.  Fitness is hard work.  It requires a lot of sacrifice and dedication.  It is practiced primary out of the spotlight, away from cheering crowds.  A well organized expo event allows those in the fitness world to both celebrate their journey and recharge to keep pushing forward.

The Evolution Sports Expo takes place this Saturday, March 18th, at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, Ca.  With over 20 sporting events, 3000-plus registered athletes, and 10,000-plus attendees, the Evolution Sports Expo is becoming one of the fastest growing and most popular sports and fitness expos on the west coast. Featuring events such as Crossfit, MMA, The Musclemania/Fitness Championships, powerlifting, strongman competition, Muay Thai, rock climbing, jiu jitsu, pro wrestling, Kids Fit competition, boxing, judo, 5K, calisthenics, and others, this is one of the most complete and diverse gatherings for athletes and spectators alike.  Some of the industry’s top fitness vendors and supplement companies will be on hand to sample out their products, answer your fitness questions, and update you on what’s new in the world of fitness.  Admission is only $25!

Check out the link below for more information.  If you’re in the Northern California area, this is a great opportunity to treat yourself to a fun day of fitness! 

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