The Legendary Ed Corney – Bodybuilding’s Golden Child!

In bodybuilding’s greatest movie, Ed Corney was a shinning star.  Two of Pumping Iron’s most popular scenes involved Ed.  In one, he and Arnold Schwarzenegger are doing fast paced squats in a depleted, pre-contest phase. The scene captured the kind of hard work and intensity that goes into bodybuilding training and did a lot to give the new sport a measure of respect.   In the second, Ed shows how artistic and beautiful bodybuilding can be, giving chills to the other competitors as they watch him pose magnificently.  As great as Ed was in the movie, it was in the book Pumping Iron where he first starred.  It chronicles Ed’s winning of the Mr. Universe in Bagdad, Iraq the year before the famous movie scenes.  Ed was even chosen for the book’s cover over his buddy Arnold!

Ed Corney is a child of the Golden Era of bodybuilding and is himself a true legend, having won Mr. America and Mr. Universe, among other titles!  Once a promising volleyball player, a chance encounter on the beach with the spectacular bodybuilding and movie star Steve Reeves (Mr America, Mr. Universe, and star of “Hercules”) caused Ed to redirect.  Volleyball’s loss was bodybuilding’s gain!  I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Ed for a number of years through our Gold’s Gym associations as Ed and his longtime dear friend and training partner James Mendoza have been members forever!

There is no nicer guy than Ed Corney, and there is no one who loves throwing around heavy iron more.  In the very near future I will bring you an in-depth interview with the gentleman I respectfully and affectionately call Golden Child!

Photo: Mike Stalions


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