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I’ve had the pleasure of giving over 50 fitness seminars.  Some were at places like Gold’s Gym, some were at nutrition stores like Max Muscle, and others were at major companies like IBM.  When I first started, I use to carefully script what I would say, not wanting to leave anything out or say anything that was not correct or up to date.  I focused on how well I would do, almost like I was preparing for a test.  It didn’t take me long to figure out that I needed to change my approach.  The audience that would show up would often be different from the audience I would prepare for.  Giving a “weight loss” seminar for a room full of people who didn’t need to lose weight was useless.  What I learned to do was read the crowd.  See who actually showed up and get a sense of how I could best help them.  Sure, there was some standard information I wanted to get across, but my main goal became helping them as much as possible.  That’s when my seminars became really easy to do and probably a lot better.

As I looked back on each one, the types of people who came, and the types of questions I was asked, I came away with a lot of insights.  When I combined this with what I saw and learned from my personal clients and the people I interacted with in the gyms daily, it became very clear to me how important certain things were.  Now, when I give a seminar, I know that whatever else I may talk about, there are a couple of things that I really want to make sure people hear, understand, and believe.  I tell them that these are absolutely the most important things I will talk about and that I wanted them to leave with.  It’s these things that will truly change their lives! That’s what I’m about to tell you right now!

There are two things that you must believe and know about fitness.  The first is that following a fitness lifestyle is extremely important.  You are making an investment in yourself.  What you will get out of following a fitness lifestyle goes way beyond what you might initially see.  It goes beyond a visual change, improved health, increased energy, and better quality of life.  Many of the things you get from fitness are difficult to measure.  The process of becoming fit allows you to become the best possible version of yourself, mentally and emotionally as much a physically.  It’s something that has to be lived to be fully understood and if more people knew about it, they would have a lot easier time starting and embracing a fitness lifestyle.  The importance of fitness is so much more than can be measured from the outside looking in.

The other thing I try to make sure people understand is how important they are!  That they deserve to be prioritized and treated in the best possible way they can treat themselves.  People seem to have no problem investing in others.  We invest in our jobs, spouses, children, education, cars, gardens, churches, etc.  But many feel hesitant taking the time and making the effort and commitment to do something for themselves.  Just as fitness is important, you are important and you deserve to have all the positive benefits it can bring you.  By investing in yourself through fitness you are investing in everyone and everything you care about because a better version of you will only make things better for all those around you.  Doing this for yourself is also doing it for others.  Taking the time to exercise, eat right, practice health improving activities, and have a positive outlook on life is something you should do because it’s important and because you are important.

Once you understand those things, then it all gets easier.  Once you begin to see your value and how fitness can bring out and enhance the best parts of you, then you start rising to a new level.  You discover your own power and your ability to take not just yourself, but anyone around you, to a new level.  Yes, there is diet and training information to learn and put to use.  Yes, sometimes you will need a motivational shot in the arm. But if you always remember how magically powerful fitness can be, and how uniquely special and deserving you most certainly are, the rest will fall into place and travel with you on the road to wherever you choose to go.

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