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As trainers we often try to maximize our time spent with clients by scheduling them in sequence and filling every available time slot.  The problem is that while this may seem to be the best way to make use of our time in terms of maximizing income, it doesn’t take into account that we need a certain amount of down time if we are to give the best service possible.

By scheduling too many clients in succession without taking proper breaks for food or simply to relax and recharge for a few minutes, you risk not being able to give as much of yourself as you’re capable of to each and every client.  If you are hungry, fatigued, or starting to lose concentration due to working too many hours in succession, that fourth or fifth client in a row won’t get the same attention and energy as the first or second one did.  After several continuous hours of standing, talking, walking, racking weights, demoing exercises, and giving your energy to others, it will be extremely difficult to be at the top of your game no matter how dedicated and motivated you may be.

You should always take care to schedule breaks for yourself throughout the day.  This will help keep you fresh both mentally and physically.  At first it may seem that you might be losing money by having unfilled time on your calendar.  But what you will often discover is that by being be able to give maximum attention to your clients, they will enjoy the experience of training with you all the more, as well as get better results.  This will lead to your having greater client retention and in the long run monetarily speaking, that will more than make up for any idle hours on your schedule.

Avoid being one of those trainers whose is eating, checking emails, texting, taking phone calls, or simply losing interest and focus on the client who is paying you and who you are there to help.  Be fully present both physically and mentally for your clients simply by making sure you give yourself enough time in between sessions for food, fluids, and a simple mental recharge (which is the perfect time to check all your emails and make your calls).

Being good at anything requires the right approach and to be a successful professional trainer means taking into consideration, and putting into practice, all the various things that will make you the best trainer you can be.  A very simple way to improve in this area is by making sure you schedule some break periods for yourself throughout the day.  This small change will lead to a better experience for both you and all of your clients.

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