Do You Know These Critical Fitness Factors?

Often we focus on getting the right diet and the best possible exercise program.  As important as these are, for some people this still may not be enough.  Having the best nutrition and training program won’t help you if you don’t have the proper outlook and mindset.  If you really want to reach your goals, there are certain things that you must understand about yourself, and about fitness, that are critical to your success or failure.

Towards that end, I am very pleased to offer a new FREE Bodysport University Fitness Course called: 3 Steps To Fitness Success!  This course covers some vital information about what it takes to truly be successful in your fitness pursuits.

This is the 7th Bodysport University fitness course to date, including 4 free options!  These courses are all published on the Yescourse platform which allows the use of various media including video, audio, and text.  It goes beyond typical print and e-books as it’s fully mobile, device friendly, multi-media capable, and instantly available world wide!

I’ve also recently launched the 2nd edition of my book, The Diet That Works.  If you’re having trouble making fitness work, or looking to take your body to a new level, a new course may be exactly what you need.

3 Steps To Fitness Success! 

The Diet That Works 2nd Edition! 

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