Driven To Succeed

At some point this year I completed my 9,000th gym workout (outdoor workouts and various sports practices notwithstanding). There were no balloons or bells and whistles. No fireworks went off to commemorate the moment. In fact, I couldn’t tell you on exactly which day or which workout it was. But it is in the books nonetheless. I can tell you that it was done with as much purpose and intensity as I was able to muster that day. And that it was taken with as much enjoyment and focus as any session over the past 35-plus years. At worst, it helped me keep what I have earned. At best, it contributed to taking me further down my personal fitness road. It is connected to all the others yet special in its uniqueness. They all are.

What enables someone to continue to pursue a goal without losing their passion? What can take you beyond motivation and beyond accomplishment to a state where the journey outweighs the destination? What exactly is it to be “driven”?

Everyone has a moment of inspiration. A moment where they become excited about the possibility of turning a dream into a reality. They see what they want, learn what it takes to get there and resolve to themselves that they can and will make it happen. But dreams change as reality is interjected. What in thought may have seemed like a short walk in the park often becomes a long trek through the desert. But to the driven, the distance or obstacle doesn’t matter. Being driven will simply make you learn to like the desert just as much as the park. It is simply connecting what your mind wants with what your heart desires.

To be driven is a feeling and a belief. It is a state of mind and heart that ties desire and effort into passion and results. It can be captured, developed and utilized by anyone for anything. If you become driven to succeed in a fitness lifestyle then you can accomplish amazing things. And you will hear bells and whistles and fireworks going off every single day you train. And every workout will be special from your very first through to your 9,000th and beyond!


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