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Several years ago I taught an 8 week, all encompassing fitness course.  It was a lecture and learn series designed to help people understand the fine points of fitness nutrition and how to develop and implement a proper exercise and fitness program.  I took the best information that I had and combined it with the answers to just about every fitness question I had ever been asked and put it all in an detailed, 8 lesson course series.  The cost was $100 per person and once a week I would meet with my students at a set location (usually a health club) and cover the material.  As much as I enjoyed meeting with everyone, I was limited as to how many people I could reach by who happened to be in my area.  Fortunately, technology gave me another option and now this same course is available worldwide through the amazing Yescourse digital education platform as the Physique Improvement Course for half of what I use to charge!

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I had also began to receive inquires asking for guidance as to how to become a contest prep coach.  A number of people offered to pay me to teach them how to get their clients ready for the stage.  I realized just how much information was involved so I organized it and wrote a manual called Principles of Contest Preparation.  I used that as a guideline and started to do coaching for interested people via Skype and FaceTime.  I developed a 6 week course that cost $500 for one to one instruction which contained tons of information and also offered support and guidance beyond the course’s completion.  Several months ago, I put this course on the Yescourse platform as well, which allowed me to deliver the information faster and charge a lot less due to not having to commit to a set weekly schedule over various time zones, often international.

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Now, for the first time I have made both of these courses available for one price.  Yes, you can still purchase them individually, but together they make up one of the most comprehensive and unique fitness information collections that exist in the industry today.  Whether you are a coach, trainer, or a physique athlete looking to reach the stage, I am very pleased and confident in saying that the information within these courses is a good as anything you will ever find and can really change the way you approach fitness forever!

In the fitness industry, your best opportunity for success is your ability to help others reach their goals safely, effectively, and consistently.  If you have a passion for fitness you are always seeking knowledge to make yourself better.  Experience is a great teacher but it comes at the cost of time, often years.  Here is a shortcut to a level of information that might otherwise take a lifetime to acquire.

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