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Online Training-

Get an individualized training and nutrition program based on your current level of experience and fitness goals. We’d start with an evaluation of your current diet, physique, workout program, areas desired to improve (either physically or for sports performance) available time and equipment. I’d work with you to set you up for success in a safe, healthy and effective way. You would get an initial training and nutrition program with a consultation (via phone, Skype or FaceTime). Then, we would do weekly check-ins to monitor your progress and make adjustments to your program as needed. 3 month and 6 month programs available. These are not “lose it quick then gain it all back” programs. This is your chance to really learn how your body works and to permanently take you fitness o the next level and beyond, and be able to keep it there.


Contest Preparation Coaching-

Competing is not for everyone. Getting up onstage requires a certain level of commitment and a great desire to improve. But it also does not need to be the extreme and often unhealthy endeavor that many people turn it into. As much as you are are pitted against others, it’s really about competing against yourself. It’s a journey to discover who you are and what you’re truly capable of. When done correctly it should be a rewarding experience filled with personal growth and improved self confidence. Simply achieving a certain look has little value if the process damages you in the long term. Physique display competitions involves developing the right amount of size, shape, symmetry, proportion and level of leanness for the division that you’re in. Learn how to not only look your best but to be your best. If you desire to take your fitness pursuits to the next level then you owe it to yourself to do it the right way.


Personal Training-

I’ve been doing one to one personal training for over 30 years. A trainer should not just be there to count reps or watch you go through the motions but should actually educate and inspire you so that you can make the best progress possible. Your experience working with a trainer should allow you to come away with more knowledge and understanding of what you’re doing and why, and the knowledge and confidence to allow you to continue forward once you’re on your own. Learn proper exercise technique and effective nutrition practices. Improve your appearance, body composition, strength, athleticism, metabolic rate, and flexibility.


Fitness and Nutrition Seminars-

I have given over 50 seminars to date for various companies and organizations including; Gold’s Gym, KLA-Tencor, IBM, Intersill, Reynolds Electronics, San Jose PD, Extreme Fitness Center, Ernie Reyes TKD, Blendz, and Max Muscle Nutrition Stores to name a few. There are certain things successful people do that others don’t. Following the correct principles of diet and exercise are only part of the equation. Your ability to prioritize yourself and believe that you will reach your goals are also key. In my seminars I will walk you through all of the important steps for success that you should take and can immediately put to use. Learn how the body really works and how to use this information to change yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally and achieve your highest goals.


Nutritional Analysis and Consultation-

Get an analysis of your current eating habits and the information you need to implement the changes necessary for you to look your best. Whether you’re getting ready for athletic competition, interested in weight management, or simply trying to be healthier, having the proper diet is essential. Get the help you need to take your diet from where it is to where it should be.

For years people have been confused by the bits and pieces of nutritional information they have come across. Most of it is based on beliefs more than facts. There is an ideal way to feed the body in order to get it to respond the way you want it to. Don’t follow principles that will work for some and not others. I will teach you the best possible eating system for health, energy, weight management and fitness success. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have been exercising for years there is a best approach to your daily nutritional practices and this is it! Fitness nutrition isn’t about quick results, it’s about best results!

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