The Past Becomes The Future!

Before I became the manager of Gold’s Gym I spent six years working in a health food store and I loved it!  In fact, even though I was hired to work full-time at the gym, Read More

Avoiding The Transformation Trap!

Fitness transformation programs and competitions can be a nice spark to new fitness results.  However, if you go about achieving those results in the wrong way, the body you wind up weeks after you’ve taken Read More

What is a “Metabolic Workout”?

You may have heard the phrase “Metabolic Workout” but what does that really mean?  “Metabolic Workout” is a term used to describe a particular type or style of training.  Typically it refers to a cardio-conditioning Read More

Long Live Competitive Fitness!

Competitive Fitness is a sport that can absolutely take your breath away!  It is arguably the highest level of competition in the family of physique display sports which includes bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique.  It Read More

Should You Use Lifting Straps?

“Whadda ya mean No Chalk?  What kind of b***s*** gym is this anyway!!?”  It was about the fifth time I’d fielded this question (complete with attitude) in the last hour.  The powers that be at Read More

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