“Thank You For Your Book”

It’s always nice to receive sincere feedback, positive or negative.  If the goal is to reach people and help people, being able to have an ongoing interaction with them is the only way to see what you did right and where you still need to get better.  Of course the best thing is to hear that you’ve helped someone.  That just pushes you to reach more people.  Following is some feedback I received from a trainer who attended one of my seminars. Since she has her own clients and following, the fact that she would take the time and write me is greatly appreciated:

Hi Kevin,

I am so glad I committed to attending your class yesterday. I learned a lot about what I need to change to be more successful in my fat loss journey.

Also, thank you for your book. I started reading it as soon as I got home and it helped lock in the information you shared with us yesterday. One point that stuck with me is from page 13, “you must absolve yourself of all guilt you might feel about being overweight”. It has been a long time dream of mine to compete in figure, physique, whatever best suits my body type. I just can’t seem to get a handle on the weight issue.

Over the last few years I have felt that I failed myself for not reaching this goal yet. I am a fairly new personal trainer and understand the benefits and proper technique of exercise, but the nutrition is a huge challenge for me. I have felt guilty, almost ashamed that I am 15 lbs heavier than I would like to be and not a better example for my clients. After reading that section of your book I decided to just let go of the guilt and pressure I’ve been putting on myself and continue to work toward my dream.

Secondly, thank you for explaining that weight loss is not a linear process. That was such a relief to hear! I thought there was something wrong with me. Now I know its normal to lose a few pounds, gain a pound, lose a few, gain a couple…

Peace to you,


Thank you Wendi and everyone who has taken the time to read or view anything I’ve had the pleasure to write or say.  I am currently working on a new, interactive version of my book!  The original can be found here:

The Diet That Works!

And a digital copy is included for free here:

The Physique Improvement Course

Next Level 2 For 1 Course Special

As Wendi would say, “Peace to you!”

Photo: Josh Van Hoose    Model: April McCoy Van Hoose

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