The Fitness Truth!

Magazines have long been a driving force in the fitness industry. The glamorous covers and glossy pictures alluded to a magical world where everyone would be happy, vital, and fit. They were the doorway to fame and admiration, with fortune soon to follow. They held all the secret stories of how all the perfect people got to be that way. Sure you knew there was work involved, but it was privileged work that the special people did to be “special”. You couldn’t wait to join that group. You also wanted that “Beach Body Physique” or those “Washboard Abs”, “Baseball Biceps”, “Horseshoe Triceps”, “Buns of Steel”, or whatever marketing ploy hooked you to take a peak inside.

And once inside, not only were you introduced to those glistening stars but also the stories on how they got that way. To reinforce this, those same stars and others like them appeared as the unquestionable representatives of every potion, powder, and device that would help you be like them even faster.

You were hooked before you even knew it, like a five year old watching a magician pull a rabbit out of a hat. Magic was real and you couldn’t wait to saw the world in half then make it disappear! You dove into your new found passion and couldn’t get enough. You found out quickly that it wasn’t quite that easy. It wasn’t as exciting and glamorous as the inside of that magazine made it look. Yet, you still continued and you still loved it. You kept going further and further until all the secrets weren’t secrets anymore. They were your tools, used to build your own version of perfection. And if you didn’t get quite the look of those perfect people, that was ok. You could still see that rainbow right in front of you and you could still chase that pot of gold, even if it was still raining on you just a bit .

There is a very big reason why you were so easily hooked. The truth is, there is more than a little magic in fitness. Following a fitness lifestyle goes far beyond a look or weight or size. There is a feel to it. Yes, there is greater energy and health, reduced stress, and increased confidence. But even more than that. There is a feeling of self-discovery and control. Of getting to know yourself as you find out what you are capable of. It goes far beyond what can be seen from the outside. So we must excuse those who drew us in with bells and whistles. Maybe they knew, even hoped, that we would discover the real magic and be happy to stay. No, there is no Santa Claus, but who could deny the magical thought of a present-filled Christmas morning?

The role of the fitness magazine is undergoing change. Glitz and glamour need to be replaced by truth and quality information. The fitness child will no longer believe in red-nosed flying reindeer. But the fitness child can understand that there is an ideal spirt of inner peace, positive thoughts, and working towards how things should be. It can be argued that the reality of fitness is much greater than the fantasy ever was. That if you focus on the journey and not just the destination, you will find things even greater than what you were looking for.

That’s why those of us who have traveled this road before you are here. To help you find those all important things that would easily be missed if the lights were as bright as we once thought they were.

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