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We’re so glad that you are here! ┬áIf you have a passion for fitness, the desire to improve and are seeking the information and guidance to help you reach the next level, either in your own personal fitness pursuit or as a working fitness professional, you have come to the right place.

Today, fitness information is everywhere and it can be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out the good from the less than ideal. Doing something just because it’s popular or promoted by someone who attained success via completely different methods from what they now endorse is not what’s going to help you become your best.

This site is intended to educate, inform, and inspire you to reach your desired level of fitness. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, build muscle, gain strength, perform better in sports or simply learn to live a healthier, happier life, the information found here can launch you on your way.

There is a difference between training for appearance and training for performance. There is an ideal way to eat to help you reach your goals. There is an importance and necessity in staying focused and motivated and in investing in your own fitness success.

For me the journey started with a love for sports. There was nothing quite like the feeling of running, jumping, hitting, throwing, kicking and punching. I also had a fascination with getting stronger and building muscles just for its own sake, as well as to help me become a better athlete. This led to my discovery of weight training, bodybuilding and fitness sports in general.

I have over 30 years experience at training myself and others. I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing coaches and athletes and I’m excited to share with you many of the things I’ve learned.

When I first begin my fitness journey, training and nutrition information had to be pursued diligently. In college I spent an additional 2 years after I earned my degree studying courses simply to support my desire to learn more about the body and how it worked. Courses in nutrition, biology, organic and inorganic chemistry, physics, anatomy, exercise physiology, human genetics and athletic training were all completed. I then spent the next six years working in a high-end health food store and doing personal training. From there I was recruited by Gold’s Gym and spent the next 8 years working there as manager. While at Gold’s I became a multi certified training and nutrition specialist and began coaching people for physique competitions. It was a hands on, in-the-tenches environment were I could see the effects and results of every thinkable nutrition program and exercise regime, not just for a few weeks, but for serval months and even years. It was a first hand view of what worked and what didn’t, an immersion into the field testing of various technique and approaches to fitness.

All this time my own training never stopped and I was able to participate in the competition side of physical display sports as a natural competitor, contest judge, trainer and nutrition coach, and worked in the industry media as a writer and photographer.

I’m here to tell you the things that I’ve put to the test in my own training and that of my clients and associates that have been proven to work. Now we can pass on to you what has taken us years to learn. I’ve had the pleasure of coaching and training over 30 certified trainers and instructors and have always endeavored to not only teach them but to learn from them as well whenever possible. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved with some of the best bodies and minds in the fitness industry. I am greatly looking forward to sharing with you some of what I’ve seen, learned and experienced.


Kevin Myles

Bodysport Director
Author- The Diet That Works
Editor in Chief- Bella Fit Magazine

Certified Fitness Trainer
Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition
Certified Physique Specialist
Certified Master Trainer

Developer/Lead Instructor- Bodysport Physique Improvement Specialist Course
Developer/Lead Instructor- Bodysport Contest Prep Coaches Course

Former Training/Nutrition and Contest Prep Coach-Tanji Johnson’s Save Fitness Team
Former Manager Gold’s Gym San Jose-8 years
Former Nutrition/Supplement Specialist Walden Farms Natural Foods-6 years
Former Weight Training Supervisor/Personal Trainer-Cal State Chico Fitness Center
Former Fitness Advisor- Officer Candidate Program-San Jose Police Department
Former Nutrition Instructor-Xtreme Fitness Center, Campbell, CA.